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Strategic Consulting

Strategic consulting on energy efficiency and environmental plans aimed at individuals, professionals and companies. Drafting of strategies, carrying out analysis and investigations aimed at improving the efficiency and optimization of business processes, in full compliance with current regulations


Energy efficiency is a set of operations that make it possible to reduce energy consumption, optimizing the relationship between energy needs and climate-altering gas emissions: it is, in other words, a set of practices that make it possible to use energy sources in optimal way.
We guide our customers through all the phases of the efficiency process, from the drafting and assessment of feasibility, up to the creation and supply of support services and maintenance of the plants


Every day, we deepen our knowledge of the major hotspots responsible of the environmental impact and evaluate, also with the aid of innovative techniques, the potential effects and the applicability of any mitigation strategies necessary to ease our impact on the environment. When it comes to climate change, the actions of individuals can be decisive. By reducing its environmental impact, it is in fact possible to reduce the production of greenhouse gases and limit global warming


We offer an intense training activity aimed at employees, entrepreneurs and HR. We operate throughout Italy and abroad and we collaborate with entities, institutions and organizations that wish to engage in business or professional training activities.
It is possible to activate courses on request to be organized and carried out in person or remotely

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